Today is day 1

and i think this is the line for every day the global economy is in a down turn

for a while i thought that digital would remain in it’s current state, probably even grow as clients flocked in, to get cheaper solutions, with more a direct path to their consumer’s wallets.

but i no longer think this is right.

my take is that digital enviorenments will be less affected by the recession than traditional agencies, but will still be affected. heavily

the reccession is going to be the catalyst for evolution within the digital world. whoever sees the opportunity, has an idea and is willing to look at their their situation with fresh eyes every day, will come out a lot more powerful.

i think we are going to see new leaders and new thinkers emerge.

and big build digital production shops are going to start hurting, just like big tv production shops. they probably already are.

Social media, while not fully mature is going to benefit greatly.

they have good numbers, behaviours have already formed around use of a digital social network, and those are being used to create a whole new type of bought media, to stimulate the unpaid media.

the more marketers put into an SN like Facebook, the more money there is for platform and application innovation and more content for their users.

and SN’s are still in their infancy, using current projects and relationships as beta, with an eye to expanding reach based on a brand’s global impact.

Currently there is no truly global, workable scenario within the current SN structure

some thoughts on this

1. there is no dominant global player, although Facebook is heading in this direction. still only really strong in the US.

2. for a fluid content experience to be viable, there needs to be some level of automation of localising assets

3. until there is a workable im translater, there is no way to connect fans from different countries
who speak different languages. a clear barrier to social network expansion

4. more iphones and possibly android will take them mobile,

5. profiles and information need to be easier to port

They are not an all encompassing solution, but expect their place in the food chain to elevate massively as the global economy melts and companies start cutting ad agencies out of the supply chain

For years, the fight between media companies and traditional shops was over creative quality and the media companies very rarely got it right.

and but then traditional shops screwed up by not modifying their message delivery system in a move away from the media companies.

now the fight is for a balance between paid and unpaid media. building versus pushing.
the strategic value of activating assets in a specific way. to tap consumer behaviors.

so now it is a fight between digital strategist and media strategists

and who can provide the best value.

creative, for now, has taken a back seat, to the channel and delivery mechanism of a marketer’s message.

weird words coming from a creative, for sure.