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just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. There was an interesting part  about the Beatles playing 8 hour sets, 7 days a week while in Germany in the early part of their career. Improved their skills and stage performance immeasurably. An experience that defined and moulded them. Behavior modification, Rockstar-style.

As a person who doesn’t like budgets and living within my means, the current economic ‘situation’ is starting to feel like my Germany. (for the sake of this post, 1940-45 is not a factor) and while the Beatles had copious amphetamines and sex to get them through, i have my iphone and an app called ixpensit.

at $4.99, it was the first expense i added into the daily expense view.  Over the next few days i included everything i spent money on. it was a pretty horrifying experience to see how much i am spending for the sake of convenience (read: laziness). the app is really easy to use, has online functionality, that i think i am a recession away from really using. The biggest, to my non-saver mind is the fact that i am now thinking about what i am spending on and how much i could be saving. on a daily basis. The app also has the option to include a cap on your spending.

A repeat function for monthly expenses would be good. As well as voice activation for small miscellaneous expenses. Say ‘Misc’. Say amount. Say ‘Update’. another feature i would use, is a synch option between two iphones in the same household.

Aside from being a really efficient app, ixpensit does something else really important for me in this tight economic time. it makes me feel in control. Somehow, by recording everything i spend, the constant flow feels like it has stopped, becoming more of a drip, that i control. small change physically, but a huge one psychologically.

whether i am going to completely change my spending behaviors remains to be seen, but this feels like a good start, and i would this app recommend for anyone with an iphone who suddenly has need of a budget.


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  1. I bought Outliers a few weeks ago but I have not read it yet. It is in the pile.

    When I had a Palm, for a while I used an app… I think it was called PocketMoney, that did just what you’re describing. I need to return to that kind of discipline.

    Anyway, candidly, I’m stalking you… er, I’m here doing research on the digital creatives at TBWA. I came here from your LinkedIn profile. Lurking around doing homework.

    I have a blog at GigantiCo.



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