non-linnear story telling app

Content changes on a daily basis. From the ongoing re-re-redefinition of what constitutes content, to the right type of content in the right place, to how text, audio, video, or a combination can be created at different quality levels with different apps or personal or commercial use.

Very rarely do you see an app that embraces the messiness and reality of life, as part of it’s content creation code, while helping you generate stories in a non linnear form. Why not bring the experience of consuming content closer to the living of an event or moment without heavy flash based immersion?

Enter the Korsakow system.

Still in it’s infancy,  (last time i spoke to the creator, he was considering making it open source) the system offers users a really easy way to tell stories, in a construct i think is closer to a real experience. life is messy. The Korsakow System makes this randomness a core part of its code, encouraging you to create stories in all their chaotic glory.

The UI has some way to go, and i think better SN tools will help it grow a devout following. Open Sourcing the project would also help. Not sure where this one will end up,  but i think there is something really interesting thinking and ambition here.

have fun.


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