Social Networking 2.0

i don’t know why, but i hate the whole 1.0, 2.0 suffixes that try to define where we are in development, when really, we are constanly upgrading and, trying to define a fluid, living thing with a single digit, seems a little limiting. but i digress.

Social Networks are coming into their own as viable distribution networks. For a few reasons. (i am based in am america so i chose facebook as a case study)

1. They have enough worthwhile, easily targeted eyeballs to appeal to a mass marketers’ broad demographic spectrum

2. The Facebook technology ‘Connect’, that allows users to sign into their profiles on a 3rd part site, are making influencers out of all of us. no longer just a select few. Our behaviours, a movie watched on say, becomes an endorsement from us, to our whole social group via Newsfeed. Not only a digital word of mouth tool, but also a reminder mechnism

3. Facebook users are spending increasing amounts of time on the site, and are using platform in more advanced ways than just having a bank of friends they know are there. It has become a primary communication tool for many and a business channel for others. If there was more rewarding content, entertainment would be on that list.

4. My 4th point is the most theoretical. I believe that FB represents a dynamic new way to tell story, weaving narratives in a more immersive way than say, TV or a flash build. Lonley girl 15 on crack. There is also room for an ARG for the right brand.

On my last point, the one thing i would add is that, to use the new medium effecively the content has to be created in a different way. from writing to creation. and the defition of content would need to evolve and become more targeted and focused.

to my mind, the right combination of paid(little) and earned media(a lot) is possible for a broad range of brands. and is part of the realisation of the sematic web. storytelling is going to string a lot more of our digital experiences together, our SN are just the next step


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