Marriage Saving Device

we’re globalised, right?

people from different countries living and travelling around the world

more than ever before, flights everywhere, even with expensive fuel

i bet there is a statistic for husbands who are away from wives, working at
the best job they could find, which turned out not to be at home. maybe for a a few months
maybe for undefined.

so here is a thought

these guys aren’t serial cheaters, they aren’t running away from their wives
they’re following a passion or an ambition or a need to find way to support their families
at a job they can live with

there is a lot of alone time, when they’re away from their wife or girlfriend.

they could hang with the single people for an extended period, but then they’re not
quite sure what you are doing there, cause you already closed their deal

nights can be a little tedious. when there is crap tv and no decent internet connection

that coupled with the fact that many men in this group are console gamers, in either
1st person shooters, sports sims and rpgs

leads me to a thought

playstation need to market the psp as a marriage saving device.
something to carry with you and have when the local TV is just too shit, you don’t have cable cause you are living in corporate housing, which while nice, is still not your place.
and your phone gets boring.

if you ever played games and found something you liked, that can be reawakened.

my insight on why i play 1st person shooters, is that trying to conquer the world or be a hero,
never seems to get boring.


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